Our new Time Value of Money app is like having another financial brain in your pocket.

The Money Education Time Value of Money app is designed with the pragmatic financial professional in mind. It’s an even better tool for finance students to learn, practice and calculate any time value of money problem.

This first-of-its-kind app enables you to pinpoint individual topics and includes video tutorials, examples, charts, graphs, calculator keystrokes, timelines, helpful tips, over 1,500 practice questions and a fully-equipped time value of money calculation tab for even and uneven cash flows.

Available for both Android and iOS phones and tablets, the Money Education Time Value of Money app is a time-saving and confidence-building tool for financial and CFP® professionals and students alike. The FREE download includes a financial calculator and one module. In-app purchases enable you customize the app to suit your individual needs.



Coming Soon!  because if you’re wasting time you’re losing money.

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