Retirement Planning and Employee Benefits

Retirement Planning and Employee Benefits -
18th Edition ISBN: 978-1-946711-13-7

Stay informed with the most up-to-date information! New content in this latest and greatest edition:

  • All text, exhibits and examples updated with 2022 numbers.
  • Added discussion of alternative views on retirement.
  • Added discussion of psychological considerations, including sources of money conflict.
  • Updates for American Rescue Plan Act of 2021.
  • Expanded discussion of long-term, part-time employee eligibility for 401(k) plans, as provided for in The SECURE Act.
  • Added new RMD mortality tables effective in 2022 and updated examples in RMD sections.
  • Added section on Medicaid.
  • Expanded section on HSAs.
  • Expanded section on business succession planning.
  • Added additional questions for Item Sets 1 and 6.
  • Added three new Item Sets.


How does money keep on working when the individual doesn’t?

Everything about money changes with retirement — when the working mindset goes from production to protection. This comprehensive text explains all the ways to make retirement work. How much is needed to retire? Inside are clever rule of thumbs you can put to work in seven seconds or less. How much money is really money in a retirement plan? With this text, you’ll know. How can you save a business owner $40,000, while contributing only $200 for younger employees? Is it better to tax today or during retirement? The answers are inside.

Using real data and ample real-life examples, Retirement Planning and Employee Benefits guides you through the intricacies of Roth and other IRAs; ISOs, NQSOs, SERPs, ESPPs and 83(b); Social Security; and the difference between pension, profit sharing, 401(k), 457, and all the other retirement plans. If it’s about retirement, it’s inside.

This professional retirement and employee benefit perspective services multiple applications: 

  • In a retirement and benefit planning course as part of a comprehensive curriculum in financial planning or financial management
  • As a reliable and comprehensive reference for practicing financial professionals
  • As the retirement planning component in a Masters In Tax program
  • Retirement Planning and Employee Benefits also meets all of the educational requirements for a Retirement Planning course in any CFP Board-registered program



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