Investment Planning: Concepts and Strategies

Investment Planning: Concepts and Strategies - 3rd Edition ISBN: 978-1-946711-11-3

Our lives are all about investing in the future with hope of a return. The key of course is managing the risk of hope with knowledgeable expectations of return from an investment framework that includes preservation of capital, production of income, and growth in value.

Investment Planning; Concepts and Strategies blends this theoretical investment framework with practical knowledge of securities, portfolio management, asset allocation and implementation. The text includes thorough coverage of securities, securities markets, investment theory and analysis.

Written from both the academic and practitioner perspective, Investment Planning; Concepts and Strategies accomplishes our objective of creating a text that is in-depth, clear and readable.

Chapters include the following topics:

  • Asset classes
  • Risk and return
  • Markets
  • Portfolio construction and management
  • Performance measures
  • Taxation of investments
  • Behavioral finance: how do investors really act and why
  • Investment strategies
  • Policy statements: putting it all together
  • Stock, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, derivatives


This professional investment planning perspective services multiple applications:

  • In an investments course as part of a comprehensive curriculum in finance or financial planning
  • As a reliable and comprehensive reference text for practicing financial professionals
  • Investment Planning; Concepts and Strategies also meets all of the educational requirements for a Financial Planning Course in any CFP Board-registered program



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