Griffin & FSPA

Griffin & FSPA

The Griffin case is a classic example of a young family struggling to find a balance between meeting current needs and reaching their long-term objectives. Should Jackie attempt to return to the work force or continue to stay at home to care for their three young children (ages 6, 3, and 1)? How can they gain control over their debt obligations and their budget? Do they have adequate emergency funds and insurance? And how can they achieve their long-term goals of saving for college expenses for the three children while also saving for their own retirement when they are already overspending their income? The financial planner is called upon to help the Griffins understand and assess their current financial situation and to guide them through the steps needed to improve their situation and get them on the path to reaching their goals.

Use of Money Education’s Financial Statement Preparation & Analysis (FSPA) software will provide the student an opportunity to experience how software aids in the analysis of the client’s current situation and the power of using software to test various scenarios in seeking the best solution to reach the client’s goals. A multitude of reports can be generated to assist the student/planner with analysis, and the student/planner can then select a few appropriate illustrations that will be used in presenting the plan to the client.


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