Fundamentals of Financial Planning - 6th Ed.

Fundamentals of Financial Planning - 6th Ed.

Where fundamental financial science and theory merge with real life.

Here are all the essential basics of financial planning woven into the realities of working with real clients and building a successful practice. Inside are seven different ways to analyze a client situation, then how to best communicate and work with clients in their best interests. Using real data and relevant case examples, Fundamentals of Financial Planning takes you logically through the process of client behavior, motivation and risk management, education funding and investment management, and the critical influence of time on the value of money.

This is an essential text that puts fundamental academics into a real life context to help ensure that concepts and best practices are comprehended, retained and ready for deployment.

This professional tax and financial planning perspective servicesmultiple applications:

  • In a fundamentals course as part of a comprehensive curriculum in financial planning or financial management
  • As a reliable and comprehensive reference for practicing financial professionals
  • Fundamentals of Financial Planning also meets all of the educational requirements for a Financial Planning Course in any CFP Board-registered program

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ISBN: 978-1-946711-64-9