IRS Tackles Identity Theft | October 1, 2014

January 2014:  The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has seen a significant increase in refund fraud that involves identity thieves who file false claims for refunds by stealing and using... More >>

IRS provides new instructions for Obamacare | September 1, 2014

IRS provides new instructions for Obamacare. The IRS’ new home page for Affordable Care Act Tax provisions can be found here. Information is segmented by individuals, employers, and other... More >>

Money Education releases its 2nd edition of Cases in Financial Planning: Analysis and Presentation | August 15, 2014

Money Education released its 2nd edition of Cases in Financial Planning: Analysis and Presentation. The book is gaining support for the way in which it lays out approaches to working with clients... More >>

Dr. Mike Dalton featured in USA Today | August 1, 2014

The Professor makes an appearance in USA Today. Our very own, Dr. Mike Dalton, is featured in this USA Today Money article regarding personal finance. Check out the article. More >>

What Nest Egg? | March 15, 2014

What Nest Egg? According to the Employee Benefits Research Institute's 2014 survey on retirement confidence among workers, 36% report retirement savings less than $1,000. Furthermore, 60% reports... More >>

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